Due to a high demand lately, the Smartmetalpod is sold out until further notice!


The Smartripod is getting a counterpart with metal legs.

Why the Smartmetalpod?

- The legs won’t crark or warp.

- Not heavier than wood (using 1/8’’ thick metal).

- It is meant to be taken apart easily.

- The capacity is much greater (using a bigger eyebolt than supplied).

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These are the parts supplied (under view).

View from top, three plates prevent water and debris from entering the tubings.

It has 5/8’’ dowels with handels and ‘’R’’ pins for easy removal and transportation.

The feet have 3/8’’ bolts.

There is plenty of room for the winch.

This is how the dowels are removed without tools.

This is how the feet stands on the groung (4’’ X 4’’)

It is now being sold cold galvanized for $80 canadian.

Write to Pierre Ménard at vispieux@gmail.com for a shipping quote.

It is meant to receive 2’’ square tubing

Here is how the Smartmetalpod was tested

An hydraulic press was pushing on a small hydraulic cylinder that was pushing on the nut of the eyebolt. The hydraulic cylinder is filled with oil but is used to read the pressure applied onto it by having the access hole plug with a pressure guage. The diameter of the piston of the hydraulic cylindre is 45mm and the pressure read is 3000 PSI, thus the force applied onto the nut is:


FORCE = 3000 LBS/square INCH X 2.45 square INCH = 7400 lbs or almost 4 tons.

I did not notice any deformation after the test.

See how I lifted a pickup truck with the Smartmetalpod and the adjustable legshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8i1mj2lhas